Meet our all-volunteer Executive Board & founding members!

Current board vacancies: Treasurer 



President & CEO

Founding Member

Jakey is a little rubber puppy, working and living in Chicago with his Husband. During the Coronavirus Pandemic, they became very involved in the overarching kink community. Their passion for inter-community camaraderie and continued kink education lead them to become involved with numerous ABDL companies and kink organizations. Within the kink community, they work for multiple conventions in various roles including an up-and-coming ABDL convention as the vendor coordinator. They also work with ABDL companies in positions ranging from a brand ambassador, to model and event teams. Jakey has very diverse experience working as a firefighter/medic, a public information officer for a local government, and a fire chief, and now working for one of the largest leather and fetish nightclubs in the world. 

Shortly after moving to Chicago Jakey teamed up with local community members and founded Puddle Scouts with the assistance of a local munch group organizer to lay the groundwork of our local community network.   

Jakey is a firm believer in the values of our organization; pride, inclusion, education, and service. Most passionate about our future of community service through Puddle Scouts' charitable actions made possible with community support. With their experience and passion, they hope to create a stronger, more diverse, accepting, and prideful community. 



Vice President

of Operations

Founding Member

Domino identifies primarily on the DL part of the ABDL spectrum. He resides in the Chicago suburbs and works in management in the entertainment field. Domino prefers taking on the casual and normal everyday life while enjoying the ABDL lifestyle. He believes in the ABDL community and wants to strengthen it at its roots - part of which means being a positive force in Puddle Scouts and doing his best to help make it all it can be. His strengths lie in writing and critical analysis. He’s also just as happy to take you up in a conversation about movies, music, video games, and more as he is talking about ABDL history. 



Vice President of

Marketing & Media

Founding Member

Delta is a Big Bro & Alpha Pup switch living in Chicago. He has been an active part of the ABDL/Age Play and Fetish Community for over 14 years. Starting with only the internet and soon gaining mentorship by community leaders around the world. Delta strives to give back, create new experiences, and help those just starting to “test the waters”. He also enjoys teaching a variety of classes from “Taming Brats” to “Intimate Impact ”. During the day Delta is a Marketing & Programming Coordinator and the Lead Graphic Designer for one of the largest Fetish Nightclubs in the world. At night you can usually find him waddling around hosting a variety of events and socials throughout Chicago. His interests include photography, NERF, Lego, and DJing Chicago House & Deep Techno throughout the country.  

Delta has been volunteering and attending ABDL, Furry, Leather, and Kink conventions for nearly 11 years. He is also the Director of Facilities for an up-and-coming ABDL convention and a Production Assistant for a regional leather contest.  He’s very excited to create memorable experiences inside and outside of the Chicagoland area.



Member at Large

Born and raised Chicagoan, Sammy works in the world of education by day. However, at night, he’s a total furry, abdl, pup, and a whole buncha of other things! Being in his early twenties currently, Sammy had a late entrance to the world of kink at 19 but has not stopped exploring since then! A furry from the start, Sammy has spent many hours putting together various events for the local furs, and is now exploring his ABDL side! From hosting story time to throwing cookie parties, there is no telling what silly parties and events he will have next! 

Now, Sammy is absolutely honored and excited to sit with and work with Puddle Scouts. The adventures ahead will be incredible, and he is absolutely ready to be there to make friends across the ABDL world.




Pike is an AB/DL furry living in the great suburbs of Chicago. Originally from MI, he moved to the greater Chicago area in 2018. He identifies as a little/cub more often than not, but has a middle and big side that shows from time to time. He has been an AB/DL his entire life, and has been part of the fur community for 20+ yrs. When not managing a restaurant, Pike enjoys many things such as watching anime, playing games, and going to the zoo. He is excited to work with Puddle Scouts and be more involved in the community. 



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