Frequently Asked Questions

What is Puddle Scouts?

Puddle scouts is an organization that was founded to create safe and inviting events and gatherings for the Chicagoland ABDL community, as well as aspiring to the capacity to provide assistance to community members and charities in need.

We wish to continue to further the community in its pride and diversity through education, inclusivity and kinky crossover.

What is the Chicago Troop?

The "Chicago Troop" as it has been coined is a proof of concept for puddle scouts; we are meticulously documenting every step along the way. We hope to use this information to grow throughout the United States with "troops" in major cities in an effort to create a more tight-nit, proud, and inclusive ABDL community.

Can I volunteer to help?

You sure can! Puddle Scouts is always looking for more hands to help make the magic happen. We are constantly searching for passionate, unique individuals with valuable skills!

Send us a message by filling out our "contact us" form.

How can I donate?

If you would like to support our cause and have the opportunity to support your community, please consider donating to Puddle Scouts. To continue the work we do and to gain the ability to help members of our community who are in need, we will need all the help we can get!

Is Puddle Scouts a tax-exempt organization?

No, Puddle Scouts Inc. is registered as a C-corporation. This allows us to function like a charity, allowing for Puddle Scouts staff to have anonymity if they wish, and allows us the ability to better protect the identities of community members requesting assistance. 

Puddle Scouts does not seek to turn a profit, we plan to put all of our funds back into the community. 

Who can come to the events?

All are welcome to our events! 

While we are centered around the queer ABDL community in Chicago, we do not discriminate based on sexuality! If you do not identify as LGBTQ+ you are still welcome to attend as a member of the ABDL/Kink community. 

We are huge advocates for kinky crossover, any kinky person who wants to learn more about diapers is welcome to come! 

Local ABDL-friendly bars?

Kink/Fetish Bars:

Non-Kink/Fetish Bars, *accepting of ABDL:

*Please review specific bar rules/guidelines for attire. 

^ One or more board members are employed by this company or establishment.

Local Kink/fetish-friendly Businesses?

Stores selling ABDL supplies:

LGBT kink/fetish stores: