Please review the agreements and expectations that apply to all of our events unless stated otherwise on event materials. If you have any question please reach out to us utilizing the contact us form.

Events Requiring RSVPs or Registration

RSVP: This will help us determine how many people are attending, how much food will be available or needed, or how many seats will be needed.

GUESTS: All attendees need to RSVP for the hosts to vet them, including any plus ones. 

ARRIVING LATE: Events will not be delayed for late-arriving individuals, for extenuating circumstances contact the event organizer. 

REGISTRATION: We may use Eventbrite a third-party service to handle registration and donation collection for some of our events. 

General Decorum 

GENERAL PUBLIC: Please do not divulge details about any event to the general public.

DIAPERS: No purposeful messing of diapers is allowed. Ensure that all diapers are disposed of properly. 

SUBSTANCES: The use of illegal or prohibited substances is strictly prohibited at all Puddle Scouts or Puddle Scouts Sponsored events. Puddle Scouts will attempt to connect individuals with substance use issues with help and treatment. 

Attire Guidelines

VANILLA ATTIRE: When "vanilla attire" is requested you should dress in a manner that would be publicly acceptable. Dress as if you were a "vanilla" person for the day (this does not pertain to wearing diapers under your clothing, which is always allowed). Generally, events that are given this designation are popular with newcomers to the community, helping them feel safe and welcomed by dressing appropriately so as to not draw attention.  

MODEST ATTIRE: When modest attire is requested we expect that you dress in a manner that would be considered "low-key" kinky (Ex. small amounts of peekage, shortalls, onesies with pants/shorts/skirts/dresses, tails, harnesses, collars). If you are questioning whether or not you should wear something, play it safe and don't wear it. You can always ask a member of our leadership team for guidance. 

AS YOU PLEASE: When the attire for an event is listed as you please, you may simply come as you please. We do advise you to ensure that your travel to and from the event is safe and legal. Always bring a change of "vanilla acceptable" clothing just in case. If you have any questions about this attire you can always ask a member of our leadership team for guidance. 


CONSENT:  Puddle Scouts is dedicated to providing a safe experience for everyone.  While attending a Puddle Scouts event, please treat others with respect and watch out for others in our community.  Remember that wearing gear is not consent and that no means no.

PHOTOS: Taking photos is discouraged to protect the privacy of others. Photos are only allowed with the full consent of everyone within the photo. (Puddle Scouts leadership may ask to take photos with the group, you are always allowed to exclude yourself from these photos if you wish)


BILL: At any event where you will pay for a service (ie. food), you are responsible for your own bill.

MATURITY: Do not create or bring drama to the munch; this includes gossip, hearsay, rumor, bad mouthing, etc.

Breaking the agreements

In the case that one of these agreements is broken, the following may occur: