Welcome to Puddle Scouts!

We are excited to formally announce the creation of Puddle Scouts, which is focused on the LGBTQ+ ABDL community in the Chicagoland area. We aim to provide members of our community with well-planned, organized events and gatherings where they can feel safe and welcomed. As an organization, we aspire to function charitably and provide assistance to members, or organizations/charities who are in need.

Who are you anyway?

We are glad you asked, Puddle Scouts has been formed by a group of Chicagoland community members with diverse backgrounds. This entirely volunteer leadership team is working hard to create safe, inclusive, and organized ABDL events & gatherings throughout the Chicagoland area with aspirations of a more organized and inclusive ABDL community throughout the United States. Every member of our team is and always will be a member of the ABDL & kink community, learn more about our executive staff and how to volunteer on the About Us page!